Quick Thoughts – The New National Careers Strategy

This morning I was at a Westminster Forums Event about the new National Careers Strategy. For anyone who feels like they might have missed it, no it hasn’t yet arrived but it is “imminent”. So the event was less about discussing the strategy and more about people talking about what it might/ should involve. There was a presentation from the DfE (who are writing the thing), The National Careers Service, The Careers and Enterprise Company, Prospects, The CDI and CASCAID among others. Here are a few themes that came through.

  1. BREXIT came up, a lot, actually the word probably got mentioned more than the phrase IAG.
  2. Gatsby got bigged up by all quarters including the DfE, so I imagine it’s going to be a big feature of the new strategy.
  3. DfE were clear that qualified careers advisors delivering one-to-one work are a central part of any careers solution for the UK.
  4. Everyone agreed that the school/ business interface is one that is very much needed and that the CEC, in particular, are moving forward (and that Gatsby is helping) but that there is a need to have a careers leader in place in schools who can coordinate this sort of work.
  5. There was a lot of conversation around the “productivity gap” (i.e. we are short of some skills e.g. in STEM and that BREXIT will make this worse). One of the keenest division of the event centred around if we should respond to this through “inspiration” and encourage young people to where they are needed in the system or if careers advice needs to remain impartial in all senses and we need to have more distance from this as an agenda.
  6. OFSTED and primary schools were mentioned as things which could be more involved in the careers advice landscape and aren’t currently, no hint of solutions here.
  7. There wasn’t any real appetite from anyone in power to discuss more funding for the sector…