A critical response to Hooley’s Seven Cs of digital literacy



I have had an article published in this month’s edition of the NICEC journal. The article can be viewed and downloaded from my university’s website below.

Though I obviously discuss some of Tristram’s work in quite a bit of detail in this article it is as much how we think about how education and the internet should relate to each other and how we can develop educational programs which are both personally meaningful and engaged with social justice.

Anyway I would love to hear any comments or responses

Abstract and Article

This article will provide a critical analysis of Tristram Hooley’s Seven Cs of digital literacy. This analysis will be based on responses from the theoretical tradition of New Literary Studies (NLS) to digital literacy. The key findings of this article are that NLS points towards the Seven Cs, firstly, developing an autonomous view of knowledge and skills where learning is seen as separate from context and, secondly, which obscures forms of exclusion and inequality. Finally, this analysis will discuss an alternative basis for careers practice based on online pedagogy and critical investigation.