My name is Tom Staunton, I am careers advisor and a bit of a geek. This blog really exists for me to share ideas and thoughts around career. I’m a bit of a theory nut so this blog is more going to be about theory and how it relates to practice. Its my conviction that careers theory is wrongly locked away in the back of the minds of careers professionals when it can be really useful and helpful for all of us as we explore our careers. Theory provides new ways of thinking and of exploring how we think about our lives. So though I’m a self-confessed theory geek I really believe theory can be helpful to anyone. I am also particularly concerned with professional practice in careers work. In the same way how professionals think underpins their practice so better, powerful and effective work comes from how we think about career.

Why Running In A Forest?

Partly because I think its a cool name, partly because a lot of career blog names are very generic and partly it brings together a number of ways I see career and so works as a powerful metaphor. I think it speaks of travelling without knowing where you’re going, it combines danger and adventure, having a destination but not knowing how to get there, feeling lost while also open to possibility, being on the ground and in the thick of it while wanting a map and a overall perspective, open to chance, overcoming obstacles, interacting with your surroundings, not being able to see what’s going on and all the while feeling that the journeying is a place of interest and not just about travelling to a destination. Hope some of that makes sense.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Just discovered your page through a comment you made on Tristram Hooley’s blog.
    Only had a brief chance to look over some pages. Very intere4sting. Will definitely be re-visiting when I have more time to reflect and respond.

  2. Hi. I was just entering your blog onto the new CDI CPD Resources area that is being launched in a month or so. I use dictation quite a lot, and had to chuckle when your strapline got mildly garbled to refer to ‘career guidance and development in a complex and skewered world’. Many in the profession might agree.

  3. ‘skewered world’…isn’t that the truth 🙂 Came across your bog after watching the Mark Savickas video on You Tube. As a Careers Counsellor and a bit of a geek myself, I appreciate what Running In Forest has to offer.I am glad to have my knowledge concerning careers theory boosted and updated.

  4. Hello, just discovered you while doing some reading for my course – ‘Careers Development and Coaching Skills’. First module is Careers Theories and I’m reading my way through seven theorists. Rogers isn’t one of them but, from reading Law, his stuff chimes with me so I did some Googling and found you. Glad I did. Really helpful.

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