A Crucial Question I’m Struggling With…


I was having a conversation with one of my colleague  bout how we deliver careers education out our institution and we came across a question I hope someone can help me with.

When we discuss curriculum we also spend a lot of our time discussing content, what we are delivering, or at least, I feel I do. What we spend less time talking about is what impact we want this content to have. This is the crux of my question;

“how do other careers professionals engage with what impact their work has and more importantly try and improve its impact?”

Let me try and sketch this out a bit more.

Education is about change. We educate because we want to change people. Careers education is related to changing the direction of someone’s career journey on some level and/ or changing their capacity to interact with their career journey. This is the distinction between career management outcomes, what happens, career management skills, what someone can do about it. It tends to be the case that someone’s career management skills inform their career management outcomes to some extent (in the overall context of other external factors).

Now if we use the idea of career management skills as a capacity or a literacy most people would say that career education is increasing these skills, skills such as self-awareness, opportunity awareness, decision making etc. Now the tougher question I have is…

“How do other careers professionals engage with what impact their work has on their clients career management skills?”

I would love to have other people’s input on this either through their own experience or through references to research, case studies, resources etc. Please do comment away bellow, this si a very genuine question and I would love to have people’s views.