AGCAS First-Year Student Career Readiness Survey

Over the last few years, I’ve been involved in developing this research project run by AGCAS.

The AGCAS First-Year Student Career Readiness Survey is designed as a baseline survey at the university entry point to evaluate students’ levels of career readiness. The survey explored students’ previous experiences of careers support, motivations for course choice, steps already taken to enhance their employability, current perception of university life and future career plans. Here’s a quick summary of some of the main findings and a link to the report;

  • Nearly 60% of students had received careers information, advice and guidance from their school/college before university.
  • Half of the students had clear career ideas before choosing their university course.
  • However, students appear to lack confidence in making career choices and decisions.
  • Students particularly lacked confidence ‘using social media to help with my career’, ‘making informed decisions about my future’, ‘networking with professionals’, and ‘knowing my own strengths and skills.
  • Around two-thirds of students expected the careers service to ‘provide practical support with job search and CVs/applications’, whereas less than half expected the careers service to ‘help me understand my options’

The full report is available at: