Icarus, Grannies, Black Holes and the death of privacy: exploring the use of digital networks for career enactment

4510261399_053fbae325_c-COLLAGE (1)

I am very pleased to have just had this article published by the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling. The piece is based on research I did for Masters at Nottingham Trent in 2014/15 so its taken a while for me to get some published work out of it. So a special thank you to the team at NTU especially Ricky Gee and Phil Mignot. Also a big thank you to my participants in the original study.

The article itself looks to explore some critical perspectives on how career enactment and social media interact with each other especially try to think about how social media has an influence on aspects of life such as learning, identity and community which also are integral to career. 50 eprints are available through the BJGC here –


Here is the abstract:

New perspectives on how digital networks can be understood as an environment for career enactment are explored in this article, in particular, through using critical perspectives on technology, especially in the context of prevailing instrumental perspectives in the majority of the career development literature. Thus, the narratives of people using digital networks for their careers were explored using an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. The results are captured in three main themes or critical discourses: the speed and scale of digital environments, game-like features of social media interactions and a divide between offline and online worlds. These are presented as sites for critical investigation and are aligned with technological and socio-cultural critical theories.


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