Faster!! My iCeGS 20th Anniversary Presention


Tomorrow I am presenting at the iCeGS 20th Anniversary Conference.

Here is my poster, a summary of my paper and a copy of the slides.

20TH Anniversary Faster Poster


Main Argument:

Despite the recognition that career is a longitudinal concept, there has been a surprising lack of focus on time and experiences of time in careers theory and research. My paper will focus on how we might wish to conceptualize time and especially individual’s experience of time inside the field of careers. My paper will consider the place of time and speed in our changing social and political world and how career support could respond to these phenomena.

Conceptually my will build on Barbara Adam’s work on timescapes and how people view and experience time as a concept that relates to both their own subjective experience and the objective structures of the world around them. This will be conceptualized in the context of debates around modernity, referring in particular to Giddens’ work on reflexivity. The paper will then progress to consider how the nature of this reflexivity is re-shaped by individual’s timescapes. Particular attention will be paid to how neoliberalism encourages a form of meritocracy that builds efficient use of time into social systems as morally virtuous.

From a careers enactment perspective, the paper will consider how conceptions of career and careers’ support can encourage the process that has been described above i.e. conceptions of career can build efficient use of time into itself as a virtue, especially in regard to concepts such as career readiness. Alongside this alternative perception of how careers support could interact with time will be considered.

You can view my slides here and download a PDF version


PDF download:

Faster Presentation


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