Reading List 2016


After having a moderately successful reading list in 13/14 (I started 10 of 12 and finished 7 of 12)  I thought I would give it another crack. I’ve gone for slightly smaller books this year in order to actually finish more books.



I’m a big fan of Steve’s blog, really good work on educational theory and technology so have had this on the bookshelf for a while.


One of my hopes for this year is to do some more detailed thinking about my one-to-one work. I have had this on my shelf for a while. Seems to have the right range of being in depth, wide ranging and practical.


See above. I have a big of an ag about if coaching is/ should be different to what some more traditional careers advisers term “guidance”. Hence my interest in this.


I think the intersection between groups and careers work, which tends ot have an individualistic basis, is a very interesting question. have had this well recommended.




This fits in with my interest about the digital world. This looks wide ranging and takes and interesting sociological approach. Really looking forward to getting into this.



Another one about technology. This looks like a really interesting topic and one I’m hoping to learn from both practical and theoretically.


This looks very interesting as a concept and very relevant to careers work. Michaels is arguing the economics is becoming the major social narrative of our age and looks and the affect that is having.


I feel there’s a lot of positivism around the internet and technology in careers work at the moment so I’m keen to look into an out-and-out critic and see what they have to say.


As everyone who reads my blog at all regularly knows I love a good narrative, interesting what light this might shed onto careers practice.



This is one I really wanted to read last year and didn’t get round to. Working in HE I feel what the purpose of education is one of the big issues the sector is working through so I feel doing some thinking on what HE is for is more than worthwhile.



I’ve admired Freire from afar so I’m keen to actually get stuck in and see what he has to say. I feel he is becoming increasingly important for education in general and for careers work.





I wanted to read something to counterpoint some of the more critical stuff I’m looking at this year so this seemed important because of how well read and quoted it is.

So that’s my reading. I hope to blog a quick write up on each. Anyone else got anything interesting they’re planning on reading. Anyone want to read alongside me?

2 thoughts on “Reading List 2016

  1. What a great idea – having a reading list. I look forward to reading your comments. And publicising it is a great way to increase the likelihood of success 😉

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