What’s Your Prison?

I came across Paul Wood’s “What’s Your Prison” recently and found it very interesting. Wood is a great storyteller mainly because of his clarity and his humility. He also has a really powerful story, there is just something really compelling about someone who has been through such a decisive change. His story highlights common characteristics of narratives that any careers practitioner should be interested in, how cause and effect sequences make us who are and the power of our thoughts in bringing about change.

“The Five Steps to Freedom is built on fundamental truths about who we are as people and what we can achieve. To obtain real change we need to be able to identify the things that hold us back – our mental prisons – and learn the tools that will enable us to live free.”

– Paul Wood

I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of 5-step programs (or programs with any number of steps). What I like about this though is how routed in critical thinking about ourselves it is and how it emphasises hard work and ongoing responsibility. I think for the right client this could be really powerful. Similarity while the prison metaphor is a bit too negative I think it does hold a certain emphasis that could be useful with other people. What do other people think?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Prison?

  1. Paul Wood spoke at our last CDANZ Career Symposium in Auckland, in 2014. He was wonderful to listen to. His story was powerful and rich.

    I have used aspects his story a few times since with clients and students to start or to redirect conversations (knowing I can get them to view the TEDx clip afterwards), and found it positive, especially when working with men. Hmm. Not too touchy-feely, perhaps?

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