A New Model for Networked Careers Development

I’ve recently been doing some work around networks and careers development. As part of that I’ve been trying to conceptualise how networks relate to career development. Here is a model I’ve come up with as an attempt to discuss this.

I would love any feedback people can give on this, please comment bellow.

3 thoughts on “A New Model for Networked Careers Development

  1. Really interesting to watch this and think about how it applies. You’ve captured a great deal which I can totally relate to – the ‘network’ is particularly apposite. I enjoyed listening to your explanation and gained a great deal from this over and above the diagram. I think your analysis of the outcome of the network is fascinating – I’m not sure that the word ‘leverage’ captures it enough. Words like ‘conversion’ ‘maximisation’ and ‘adaptation’ also came to mind.
    The fluid movement between ‘career development needs’ and ‘leverage’ is perhaps not clear enough as these have a closer link than the diagram shows in its current view but I know that the arrows all point to and from each part.
    Hope that this helps a little! Liz

  2. Thanks Liz, yes I’m considering changing the term leverage, your input is very helpful. I had considered a loop round arrow from leverage to development needs but was worried about too many arrows but maybe that is needed. Thanks for your input, very helpful.

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