Orientation to Time – Philip Zimbardo

I watched this video recently and found it a fascinating discussion around time (especially for anyone who likes a good narrative, as I do).

Here are some questions I think could be worked through in one-to-one/ group session coming out of the video.

  1. What is your main orientation to time? \What affect does that have on you?
  2. What do you trust about the future?
  3. What is the orientation to time of the culture you fit in?
  4. What affect is technology having?
  5. As educators/ counsellors what is the time orientation of those we work with?

One thought on “Orientation to Time – Philip Zimbardo

  1. This is so interesting. I wonder what difference a client’s time orientation has in terms of their motivations and goals, and how we as advisers can help them to acknowledge this perspective, and see how it is imapcting upon them?

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