Sharing Practice: How to help students reflect and engage with their confidence.


This is my most recent post in my sharing practice series. This one is a bit more experimental as I have not actually delivered it, it’s a session I’m trying to develop while things are a bit more quiet over the summer. The session is designed for a group setting but could obviously work in a one-to-one session as well. I would love any feedback people have.

Here is the Prezi the session is based on:

2 thoughts on “Sharing Practice: How to help students reflect and engage with their confidence.

  1. Hi Thomas
    Really like this, especially the use of the Finding Nemo narrative to illustrate the topic in an interesting and engaging way. Some really useful ideas for reflection and action for students. Possibly the session could be concluded by inviting students to sign up or commit to various experiential opportunities available through the university or elsewhere e.g. mentoring, volunteering, work experience etc. to really encourage them to take the first steps towards building confidence. I guess my question would be how and when would you deliver this input to students? Would it be as a stand alone session, part of a wider programme or one to one? Would some students who feel themselves to be lacking in confidence have, well, the confidence to attend and participate in the session? Would be interested to hear of how this goes down with students, and may borrow a few ideas from this myself. Thanks very much for sharing.
    PS – pendantry alert – ‘consider’ and ‘affecting’ are spelt wrong on the first slide

    • Thanks for commenting and for picking up on my awful spelling! Like your idea about tying it in to existing opportunities. In terms of delivery I was thinking you could do it as a first year session in curriculum (so compulsory) to built student engagement in career early on or maybe as an option on a careers day or as part of an awards scheme. We’ve had a session with a similar title for a few years and it does draw some people in. Obviously you could take the ideas and use them through a one-to-one in a slightly different form. Appreciate your thoughts about students needing to be confident enough to engage with confidence! Thanks for commenting, hopefully will get to run something like it in the autumn.

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