Personal Reflection on HEA Event: Changing the Learning Landscape – Realities of social media in learning and teaching



Source: Flickr, @AJC1

This is a short reflection for myself more than anything on the HEA event I attended last Thursday “Changing the Learning Landscape – Realities of social media in learning and teaching”

I had a really good day. Thanks to HEA for organising, Warwick for hosting and Steve Wheeler, Lee Dunn, Tamara Ansons, Teresa MacKinnon and Mark Childs for presenting.

I thought I would do a quick 5 things I learnt/ wanted to develop my thinking on further:

  1. There is a whole host of growing pedagogies out there that I need to get more in to connectivism, paragogy, Darwikianism, the idea of a personal learning network.
  2. Students are a lot more comfortable using social media personally. Does that make using social media for teaching/ career an imperialist move? How to we help students un-silo learning.
  3. Video is increasingly becoming the dominant internet media. I think I need to make more videos.
  4. We need need not to teach students to promote themselves but to have authentic voices and care about being part of a community.
  5. Need to help students become produces not just lurkers
  6. Often individualistic objective assessment in HE cuts against the focus on collaboration and the personal that the internet is creating.
  7. Some interesting discussion about Linked In and how there is a vibe you should have one but you are not sure what to do with it. There should not be “fear of being left out” around social media, it’s you being social online, building relationships you value.
  8. Some interesting discussion around ethics. Does the internet and crowd source culture push some people in to being “other” and make dissent harder or do we need more protection from the “other” in the form or trolls etc.


Here is the Storify from the day bellow.


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