5 posts I liked this week (20/1/14 – 26/1/14)

1) At the Bottom End: On Sucking at your job.

I really enjoyed David’s observation about the need to work through being bad at something before you get better. I found it helpful as we tend to think about ability as natural rather than nurtured. In careers we rarely ask “what could you get better at?” I just also found David’s storytelling simple but powerful.


2) Someday, Timothy Ferriss – Zen Pencils

I really like the Zen Pencils comic strips. I think I associated with the sense of failure and frustration in this strip as well as the need to seize the moment rather than be paralysed by wanting this to be perfect.



3) Wikibrains

Wikibrains allows you to see and arrange the connections between concepts. I feel there is potential here I haven’t got my head round but I feel it has big potential for researching and representing information.


4) A Story of the Story-Gathering Informational-Interview Technique

I really enjoyed this post form A Storied Career. I have never really got my head round informational interviewing, always seemed quite corporate and American somehow but this idea of seeing it as exchanging stories really brought it to life for me. Going to have to think about some sessions along these lines.


5) What We Should Value in Students

Nothing new here but I really like the focus on this as a model on core transferable abilities over having knowledge or artefacts, makes for a good description of a set of “employability” skills. Interesting to see careers and main stream curriculum crossing over.


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