5 posts I liked this week (13/1/14)

I thought as a weekly regular I would start putting out a top five links for the week. Here is my first edition in no particular order:

1) The Problem With Facebook

Find this fascinating about how Facebook is beginning to work against its users and deconstruct rather than support relationships.

2) Sgt Bilko and the failure of the boundaryless career.

Tristram’s piece got me thinking about how we can pursue different objective inside the same role. Got me thinking about how this challenges the dominant matching view of careers.


3) Eccentric Chinese tycoon’s business card is insanely ego maniacal

This is interesting more than stimulating. Fun example of the lengths some people will go to promote themselves.


4) World renowned lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC to defend Sussex students from exclusion

I have been following the Sussex Occupation fall out for a while. I feel student protest is a undervalued segment of student life on campus. Think this story is a very important sign of things to come.


5) Graduate job prospects best since 2007 as public sector leads recruitment

Good to have some headline news and some good news!


6) My post on Gove and employers in schools

As a cheeky extra here is the post I wrote this week


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