The Employable Graduate Framework

The Employable Graduate Framework is a framework designed to assess the competencies that graduate needs to become employable and successfully pursue a career after graduating. It is designed to be a general framework and is not tied to any singular discipline.

The Framework is a list of five attributes that should describe a graduate; Self Aware, Learns About Industry, Manages Career, Communicates Value and Builds Experience. They are organised in a circular manner to demonstrate firstly that there is no necessary series, you do not need to focus on one before the others and secondly that they are equally dependent on each other, development in one domain supports development in others.

The Framework is designed to test competency, it is based around aspects that an individual should be able to do, it aims to encourage action and ensure a certain quality of action.

The Framework has the potential to be used in a variety of ways. It could be used as a curriculum, design aid designing modules and courses that support graduate’s employability, as a coaching tool allowing graduates and tutors to assess an individual graduate’s progression towards employment, as an assessment tool to test graduates work readiness or as a teaching tool communicating to graduates what areas they need to develop in to become employable.

The actual competencies on the Framework are as follows:

Self Aware

Describes a graduate who is aware of their strengths and weaknesses, their motivations, personality and values. It describes someone who thinks critically about themselves, observes how they react in various situations and pursues feedback from others.

Learns About Industry

Describes a graduate is actively learning about various areas of work. They are aware of industry trends, where graduates fit into the sector and are aware of what determines career success. They are life-long learner who will go on actively learning over their career assessing and using a variety of informational sources

Manages Career

Describes a graduate who sets goals and moves towards them. Will adopt practices such as setting realistic goals, planning and taking action and reflecting on results. Will also recognise the limits of planning, learns from the unexpected and their failures. This kind of graduate is robust in pursuing their career in a changing and uncertain world.

Communicates Value

Describes a graduate who can talk about themselves and their professional identity to potential employers. This covers CV writing, application forms, assessment centres and interview technique. It also describes someone who is actively developing a professional network.

Builds Experience

Describes a graduate who takes the opportunity to develop skills on their course and who seeks extra-curricular experience to develop skills further and in different contexts. Describes someone who knows the value of experience for evidencing their skills to others and developing critical reflections.

6 thoughts on “The Employable Graduate Framework

  1. Tom,
    I keep returning to this simple, yet complete, framework. It is useful to students who need to know their degrees are not all employers look at. It is useful to employers as an evaluative tool when recruiting. And it is useful to career practitioners like me to help convey the ongoing and developmental component of career ‘development’. I would love to use the framework and the graphic as a teaching tool.

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